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Our Mission

To provide you and your family with quality purebred heritage chickens
that can be enjoyed by the young and old in your own backyard.

Who We Are

Down by the Bay Backyard Poultry is a small family operated backyard poultry endeavour, nestled in the North Shore Area of Central Prince Edward Island, Canada. We are committed to participating in the preservation and education of Heritage chicken breeds in our Community, Province and Country. We offer breeds that tolerate the Canadian climate well and are best suited for Backyard Chicken Keepers and their families. As a bonus, the breeds we carry lay beautifully coloured eggs. We enjoy sharing our experiences and expertise with those showing an interest in poultry ownership and therefore offer private consultations, home visits and informative Backyard Poultry Workshops.

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What We Do

Here at Down by the Bay Backyard Poultry we source our breeding birds from other like-minded breeders across the country, we then responsibly breed our lines to offer you chicks with clean and pure bloodlines.

We hatch the eggs and nurture them for 4 days before they go to their new homes. This ensures that you receive them with good health and vitality.

With transparency, we occasionally offer hybrid (Olive) Easter Eggers to provide those looking to add a unique and variant colour to their egg basket.

We also specialize in offering tame guardian and breeding roosters. Our roosters have been lovingly raised by hand with kindness and good intention, as well as a good understanding of rooster behaviour. Our roosters available for sale will have been selected for desirable behaviours that they have demonstrated with repetition as they have matured. Our availability is limited, so be sure to visit our Reservations page to learn more.



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