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Our Breeds

When we started this endeavour as a personal hobby, we choose the following breeds
for their tame personality and colourful eggs.


Ameraucanas are a gentle, non-aggressive and friendly chicken that lay various shades of blue and blue/green eggs. They are a very popular backyard breed and for very good reason, they have a unique look, sporting facial muffs, beards and slate coloured legs. They appear in 8 gorgeous colours: Black, Blue, Blue-Wheaten, Brown-Red, Buff, Silver, Wheaten and White. The males have a large pea comb and the female's pea comb is very small, making this breed ideal for our Canadian winters.

Ameraucanas tolerate confinement well. The females are friendly yet assertive, making them an ideal breed for mixed flocks. This standard sized bird can weigh between 6- 7lbs and produce 150-200 medium sized eggs per year. This breed is difficult to acquire as a purebred, most large hatcheries sell Easter Eggers as Ameraucanas. (An Easter Egger is a hybrid chicken produced by crossing an Ameraucana to a brown egg laying breed such as a Rhode Island Red). Ameraucanas produce fantastic Guardian roosters, they are very intelligent and are wonderful with their hens.

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