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Reservation Information: We are not a large hatchery, we have a small amount of breeding birds and as such there will be limited availability. We take reservations and will do our best to fill your order.

The nature of chickens can cause unpredictability, and what our season provides is what we will have available to fill orders with. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfill your request. If there are more requests than birds, a waiting list will be created for the following season, those individuals will have priority. Please visit our Facebook page often to keep up to date with happenings and hatches at Down by the Bay Backyard Poultry. I will always contact you as soon as I can if it looks like I will not be able to fulfill your request.

We do not sell hatching eggs and we do not ship chicks or birds.

We only sell pullets if we have any availability at the end of the season. We do not take reservations for pullets, any availability will be noted in the Other Breeds Section here and advertised on our local Kijiji site.

To place a reservation, please go to our Contact Us page and complete the e-form, ensuring that you send us all your contact information. In the message section, list your requests detailing the breed and number of chicks. You can also order roosters in this fashion.

When your chicks hatch I will send you a "Just Hatched" notice, advising that your chicks will be ready to pick up in 4 days time. To maintain your order's "open" status and keep your position in the queue, it is important that you confirm your pick up arrangements as soon as possible.

Rooster Reservations: We raise our roosters through to 4-6 months of age to be able to select cockerels that are exhibiting desirable behaviour. Unless you request otherwise (2 prices), roosters will be ready to go in the later part of the summer and possibly early part of the fall. I will be in touch with you throughout their growth and when he is ready to go, I will contact you to arrange a pick-up appointment.

Refunds: Please be advised that chickens are susceptible to a multitude of disease, viruses and parasites in transition from one place to another, as such, we cannot guarantee the health of your chick or chicken once it leaves our property. For the same reasons, we cannot take a bird back, it would put our entire flock at risk.

There is lots of wonderful information online to research, and we are also available to help you make an educated decision as to whether backyard poultry is right for you. Take time to get informed and plan before you order. We also offer private consultations, home visits and informative Backyard Poultry Workshops.

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