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Adopt a Rooster

There is no doubt that roosters have a bad reputation, but to be honest with you,
the roosters are the favorites in our flock. We could not imagine life without them.

Roosters offer some very appealing attributes to your backyard flock. They provide protection from predators, they ensure that the hens find food and eat and they will keep bickering between hens to a minimum. There is nothing more endearing than offering your rooster a treat and watching him drop it and call for his hens to come over and eat it instead of him. He is selfless.

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A rooster not only crows, but makes other vocalizations as well. He will cluck to tell his hens he has found food, he will make soft cooing noises while he stands guard for a hen laying an egg, he will softly and eagerly chat as he demonstrates the purpose of a nesting box to young pullets and purr when content and happy.

If you plan on free ranging your flock, a rooster is highly recommended. He is always on the look out, watching the sky and the land for a potential threat. A rooster has two warning calls, one for an aerial threat and another for a ground threat, this helps the flock find appropriate cover, either in a tree or under a shrub. He will defend his hens to the death if a predator were to get close enough.

If treated with kindness and respect, a rooster can make a wonderful and purposeful addition to your flock. He will add a unique flare to your coop with his charismatic character and beauty.

Please feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions you may have about rooster ownership. You are also welcome to book an appointment to come out and visit our roosters and experience firsthand their captivating charm. Please see our Contact Us page to arrange an appointment. There is more information on the Reservations and Pricing page.

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